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London's Anniversary
London gets an anniversary gift, but she treats her toys rough


Edsen Sin BaRS Part 3
In the last scene of February's live show our little bound slut takes a cock thrashing. She is 30 minutes in and still taking the cock like it's the first minute.


Weekend @ London's Part 2
It's time to go back to London's place and rejoin her for the second portion of her all out weekend of having her ass beaten, banged, and bruised. She is still riled up from the first session and raring to keep going.


Eden Sin BaRS Part 2
Bound helpless, with her perfect ass and throat at the ready, the boys are about to give Eden a proper fucking. This scene is one of the best we have to offer.


Weekend @ London's Part 1
London is having a few of her friends over for a wild weekend of a few of their favorite things: barbecue, bondage and beatings. Typically, London likes to be at the handle end of the whip, but this weekend she's shaking things up and taking the tail.


London River has Ashley Lane tied down, both in her heart and on the floor of London's dungeon. London doesn't need any clothing on Ashley to cut or tear off, all she wants is her body to use and abuse any way she likes. 


Eden Sin BaRS Part 1
Part one of last months live feed with porn superstar Edin Sin. The return of the face fucking Machine, this girl was made for our this!

Suffering for Science Part 2 
Today we return to the laboratory of Doctor London River in the Institute for the Analysis of Agony, where she has two patients laid up and waiting to be put through another day of torment.


Sweet Agony Part 2
Dee Williams is back for the second installment of her three part live feed with us. This far into a live feed, our models tend to start to realize that maybe they weren't quite ready for what they signed up for.


Sweet Agony Part 3
Dee Williams has made it through to the third portion of her live feed at After all that pain, itís time to give her some pleasure. This would have been fine in moderation, but our handlers do not know the meaning of the word.


Sweet Agony, Part 1
Dee, her neck held down to the ground by a metal collar, answers questions from our handlers and our audience about her desires, her fantasies, her fears, and whatever else they want to hear about her. As she does we point a heat lamp at her pussy to keep it nice and warm while everybody gets ready.


Suffering for Science, Part 1
She runs the Institute for the Analysis of Agony, an entire organization dedicated to experimenting with powerful and painful erotic stimulation. And every experiment needs test subjects. Abigail Dupree and Slave Fluffy will do nicely. She puts them in sensory deprivation and whips their bodies until they turn read, all for the data. She won't be finished, however, until she figures out her subjects' breaking points.


Totally Destroyed
Our little coed gets the dicking down of her short life. After 30 minutes of non-stop action we go into the final brutal fucking and throating scene. Nora is just working on pure primal instinct. her brain check out, and now she is just trying to survive the brutal dick down.


Locked and Fucked
We trap Zoey Laine between the same bars that held her helpless before, except this time her ass is sticking out and up. The boys know what to do to a helpless coed, and Nora finds herself being fucked to several screaming orgasms!


Lady Liberty, Part 3
It is almost time for Lorelei Lee to finish up her patriotic live feed, but first our handlers have a few final things they want to take care of. They stick an electrified butt plug in her ass, clamp her pussy, vibrate her clit and start asking her questions about the country she claims to love so much. Then after that they fuck her with a pussy hook as they remind her again and again that she has no power and no choice in what is done to her.


Hard Face Fucking
We start the no break live show with Zoey bound in a custom Device Bondage piece. Her head is trapped between the bars. Zoey can't move her head back or to the side, we have her mouth lined up perfect for a brutal throat fucking.


Lady Liberty, Part 2
Lorelei Lee wanted to hear the kind of degrading harassment she faces every day. Well, "Smile, honey. We can all tell by the way you carry yourself that your uptight, liberal twat is begging for a good fuck. You should be happy to have a stud grab you by the pussy and make you feel like a woman. It doesn't matter if you are happy or not, though, cause you are so pretty when you cry."


Lady Liberty, Part 1
Nobody knows how to degrade a woman like our president elect, and so we are taking a page out of his book. That page is the first amendment, which we have printed on a dress and outfitted Lorelei Lee in. She and the amendment are going to be tested, tugged at, and ultimately destroyed today as Lorelei faces complete and utter humiliation at the hands of our handlers.


Double Stuffed and Cumming
The best slut on the planet just met the best slut breakers on the planet, The boys of Sexually Broken have defeated the very best the porn industry has to offer, over and over again. So what happens when two gladiatorial force collide?


Milcah Halili has been excited for a long time for their date with London River. London is tall, fun, smoking hot, and incredibly mysterious. No one Milcah knows has ever been or seen inside of her house. It looks like Milcah is going to be the first, since after coffee London looks ready and raring to go and invites them in to hang out a little longer...


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