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Lady Liberty, Part 1
Nobody knows how to degrade a woman like our president elect, and so we are taking a page out of his book. That page is the first amendment, which we have printed on a dress and outfitted Lorelei Lee in. She and the amendment are going to be tested, tugged at, and ultimately destroyed today as Lorelei faces complete and utter humiliation at the hands of our handlers.


Double Stuffed and Cumming
The best slut on the planet just met the best slut breakers on the planet, The boys of Sexually Broken have defeated the very best the porn industry has to offer, over and over again. So what happens when two gladiatorial force collide?




Survival Mode


Pushed, Pinned, Pounded, Part 3
Pounded, Part 3


The Warm Up
Bound on the worlds most powerful vibrator, Violet seems rather confident today will be like a normal day in porn for her. She has never been more wrong. The boys of Sexually Broken play her body and throat like a master painter would create a Masterpiece. Slowly and with purpose, the boys begin to own violet and her amazing throat. The expert breath play, and deep throat fucking send Violet to LA LA land has the vibrator makes her cum over and over even when she doesn't think she can.


Pushed, Pinned, Pounded, Part 2
In the second portion of Milcah Halili's live feed, London River gives her the fuck of a lifetime. She cocoons them and sticks a double sided dildo inside of them, so that when she gets on top and rides them, it forces it deeper into their pussy. Then she lies them on their back, covers them in clothespins and fucks their ass with a strap-on.


Throat Fucking and Squirting Orgasms
The last part of Nora Riley's epic live show. This amazing coed, took all we had. Nora's eyes are glazed over, she is completely cum drunk and deep into subspace. That doesn't stop the boys from bringing the dick one more time. Nora Cums, screams, cums, screams, it's really all one 12 minute orgasm.


Back for More, Part 3
Nikki Darling has made it through to the final portion of her second live feed, the question now is can she make it out. For her last hurrah, the crew has plans to string her up upside down. They've got whips, canes, a hitachi, and a pussy hook at the ready and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make Nikki's time on our show memorable.


Tape Gagged
Bella Rossi knew she wanted to fuck London River from the moment she saw her, but, like so many others, she didn't know all of what that meant. Now London has her tied up in rope bondage getting whipped and flogged and prodded at with a BBQ skewer. But not to worry, Bella will get what she was looking for, too. London has a strap on and a hitachi set aside for her for the end of their time together, and she is going to fuck that pussy raw.


Live Show Part 2
Last month's live feed continues as our local coed heads into to scene two of Sexaully Broken live event, and already she has glazed eyes, and is in deep subspace. We bend our sexy coed over and bind her in a sexy doggy style position, her beautiful ass is lifted up, and her throat is ready for a brutal fucking.


Sexual Destruction of a College Girl
With her arms bound in custom metal shackles, pulled up high, on her knees, Nora is completely helpless and a little clueless with what's about to happen. THROAT BOARDED, it's when you have a girl's head up against a board, and you brutal fuck her throat, THROAT BOARDING. Her head can not get away, she has no were to turn to, you just own her face, with cock.


Back for More Part 2
Nikki Darling is looking much less put together at the beginning of the second session of her second live feed than she was when we started. Within the first quarter, O.T. brings her to tears with some simple rope bondage, choking, punching, and a hitachi. After that it's all downhill for her and uphill for us as she dissolves into sobs, begging us to stop vibrating and caning her body, pleading for mercy.


Nonstop Squirting Orgasms
Bound and hooded in the ultimate 'fuck me" position, Syren is completely helpless and a bit freaked out with the hood. This is her first time in a hood and it shows, but soon the huge cocks make her forget about everything but screaming and cumming like a common whore. If you ever just wanted to see a helpless big tited slut get compley destroyed by dick, here ya go!


Back For More, Part 1
Most girls can barely handle one session on our live feed with all of the nasty things we do to them and use them for, but Nikki Darling is not most girls. She's come back for a second serving of back breaking bondage, and O.T. and London River are more than happy to oblige. They tie her down, whip her, and vibrate her pussy until she can't take any more stimulation.


Gags, Gags, Gags
Violet Monroe sits as our model, showing off an array of gags to help you, our lovely audience, decide what kind you might like to use in her own life. She samples ball gags, metal gags, bit gags, and any other kind you might think of, each with their pros and cons told to you by our handlers.


Complete Destruction
Bound in a unique custom metal bondage device, Syren is about to feel sexual fear for the for time. The hard cocks come at her and she does her best to take it. It doesn't take long for the cocks to break her defences and send our hot cougar into total subspace. Complelty dick drunk, we abuse our sexual slave, making her cum time after time. She is helpless to get away from dick, and the boys bring it. The look on Syrens face is all you need to know about what happen, and there is one more part to go!


Bottomless Mimosa Part 3
In the third and final portion of Mimosa's live feed she is in for a real shock. London River wants to have her own fun, so she takes a metal electric dildo and sticks it in Mimosa's ass. She shrieks and shakes until Matt Williams decides to take mercy and stop the electrical play in favor of a good old fashioned dildo and hitachi vibrator.


Brutal Fucking Bondage
Handcuffed to the chair, the boys of Sexually Broken destroy Syren De Mer throat. An amazing start to the live show. Syren is blasted into sub-space from being fed huge cock. Handcuffed and helpless there is nothing Syren can do to escape the cocks from filling her throat. One of our very best face fucking scenes to date, and we are not kidding!


The Professionals
Sergeant Miles thought he had the drop on London River and was going to get to have a little fun with her while she was knocked out. The trouble is no one ever has the drop on London and within a few seconds she's got the situation reversed and the sergeant tied up to a chair. Now it's her turn to have a little fun with shocking, suffocating, and beating Miles before fucking him until she's satisfied.


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